-Feed your skin- 

What you eat is one of the most significant things that can improve your skin.  Everyone always asks me, "What do you do for your skin?"  The answer is not as simple as, using certain products.  There are so many elements that play into having great skin.  Using good products, having a skin care regimen and being consistent with it (every morning and night), eating right,  and working out, all take part in achieving good skin.

This book is my FAVORITE!!  I found it on Amazon years ago and refer to it frequently.  I highly recommend adding this to your library!  It tells you what every food does for your skin.  For instance if you want to tighten, eat asparagus.  Brighten, sweet potatoes.  Fight acne, grapefruit.  Inside this book it tells you what vitamins and nutrients you will get out of each food and what that food does for your skin. It even has recipes in the back that are realistic.  I wouldn't say I'm really a cook, so this is helpful! ;)

I have had clients change their skin care routine and see improvements and then some who have changed their skin care and nutrition and get dramatically improved skin!  I really do believe, good skin starts from within!  In the past ten years I have changed the way I eat and I can see it in my skin.  It's an evolutionary thing, I didn't change my diet overnight.  I gradually cut out sugar, wheat (for the most part), and dairy which made the dramatic differences in my skin!  At the same time I was adding healthy things like green juice and sushi to my diet.  My new goal this year is to juice everyday.  I found an amazing motivator on Facebook, Danette May.  She does live juicing almost daily for different things.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have never dieted.  I don't agree with dieting, I believe in eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  I definitely indulge from time to time and don't deprive myself of anything.  What I have found through experience is that, when you eat healthy, you crave healthy foods.  I heard once, your body doesn't know to crave a higher level of nutrition than you are giving it.  That statement is SO true!!

I can promise you that if you are trying to correct or improve your skin, nutrition is key to making changes!