I think we all want healthy, shinny, soft hair, right??  Well one of the best ways to achieve that no matter what condition your hair is in and where you are starting from is by doing a hair mask once a week.  Most of them suggest leaving on 10-15 minutes, I leave a mask on for at least 30 minutes.  Once you have shampooed, apply a generous amount and comb through hair.  A great tip, when you are ready to rinse use cold or cool water.  It leaves your hair shinny and closes the cuticle so it's less frizzy.  Typically I shampoo in the shower apply mask and clip hair up.  Another tip, mix in coconut oil with whatever hair mask you are using.  It smells amazing and you could use it on its own as a mask, but I found mixing it in gives it an added boost.  Stay tuned for hair mask recommendations!!