Hair. -L'Oréal MYTHIC OIL- ($37)

I should start this post by telling you I have fine hair.  Fine, naturally frizzy and somewhat curly, I style daily.  It is so important to protect your hair from heat styling!  Even if you don't style, using a cream or oil can help smooth frizz or create the texture you want.  I have used various oils over the years to protect my hair from heat styling or tame frizz, this however has landed a regular role in my hair care routine for the last couple of years.  Having fine hair I was never a big fan of oils because it can leave the hair looking greasy very easily.  This cream is lightweight, protects the hair and smells good.  I have always been very picky with the products I leave in my hair, a lot of that having to do with smell.  I don't like overpowering smells when it comes to my hair, this is perfect because it smells good but is not so strong you smell it all day.  I love that you don't even feel it in your hair once it's dry.  A little bit goes a long way so one tube will last you a while.  Your hair will be shiny and smooth using this cream and you will quickly notice an improvement in the health of your hair!  Seriously!!  

Argan oil is amazing for hair!  It tames frizz, promotes shine and makes hair softer and more manageable.  So good.  Argan oil enriches hair with nutrients and repairs damage.  This wonderful product also has almond oil which nourishes and strengthens hair.  

Use on damp hair for best results.  My steps: shampoo, condition and then wrap up in a microfiber towel for a bit.  Comb hair out and apply this cream mid-shaft to ends.  Again, a little goes a long way!  At first I applied too much thinking because it was a cream I needed to do so.  Not true.  It acts like an oil when applied to hair so apply only a small amount.  You will notice a difference in the health and shine of your hair instantly.