Fashion.  -Date Night Essentials-

I personally am not a fan of Valentine's Day, however I am a fan of love and date nights.  This week I will be posting products relating to these, starting with two of my favorite date night essentials.  

-Love Tatum Earrings- ($48)

I am so excited to share my favorite jewelry line with you because not only is everything so pretty, I can also proudly say the owner and creator is a friend of mine!  I truly will only share products with you all that I love and I love her jewelry!  These earrings go with everything, especially my closet which consists of all neutrals and mostly black.   A lot of her jewelry is made with crystals which makes it even that much more amazing.  These earrings are smoky quartz which is my absolute favorite crystal.  Check out Love Tatum and find your favorite date night pieces!  You will not be disappointed.  

-Trish McEvoy Blackberry & Vanilla Musk- ($28)

Because Yum.  This fragrance is light but delicious.  Guys love it, maybe it has something to do with food smells??  ;)  Wear this and have him nuzzling your neck and wanting to be close all night!