Now that the holidays are over, it's time to treat yourself!  Due to the extra thermal styling and chemical services during the holidays for parties, trips and photos this is the perfect way to treat your hair.  Helps hair of any texture, thickness or length.  Smells yummy too :)

Protein treatments are wonderful for your hair.  They help improve strength and elasticity, with an added bonus of super soft strands.  This will improve your hair quickly by using once a week.  I have used this for years on myself and clients with consistently amazing results!  The one difference between a protein treatment and a deep conditioner that you want to be aware of is to not overuse protein treatments.  Too much protein can cause breakage.  I unfortunately learned this the hard way at an early age.  Once a week is sufficient for quick and amazing results.

To achieve the best results, shampoo and then apply to damp hair.  I always twist and squeeze out as much excess water as possible before applying so the product will penetrate more.  Apply generously and comb through with a wide tooth comb.  Leave in 5-10 minutes.  Rinse out completely (I try to rinse with cold water at the end, sealing the cuticle and giving hair extra shine).  Your hair will be soft, shiny and stronger in even one use!!  

This little white furry thing in the picture is actually a ponytail holder!  Because sometimes when you put your hair up even to work out you want to look cute!  I thought it was such a cute winter accessory.  Treat yourself, you deserve it!! xo