Pore Purifying

Skin. -Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips- ($5.59)

I am currently obsessed with these nose strips!!  They are so easy to use and so inexpensive! Great for women and men.  A lot of my friends who are girls that I have recommended these too love these and are hooked.  The guys out there will love this too (probably more), I promise!  Wether you are a guy reading this or ladies if you have a boyfriend or are married get your guy to do this with you while you Netflix on a lazy Sunday. :)  It's equally rewarding and gross to see what comes out!  The pores on our nose collect oil and dirt faster and more frequently than any other area on our face. So, using these even once a week is a quick fix and often removes blackheads that are even tough for an esthetician to get out.  These are one of my go to's for removing blackheads in-between facials.

Charcoal is seriously one of the best ingredients to draw out blackheads.  It is a wonderful ingredient in masks and I am so happy they are using it in nose strips now!  A lot of people think charcoal is an ingredient that is helpful only when you have acne or blemishes and I want to tell you it is great for everyone!  Everyone gets dirt and oil trapped in their pores.  Some people just have larger pores which is why it is more evident on some.  One of the biggest things I stress to clients and friends is removing blackheads, dirt and oil from the pores frequently.  If you have large pores, getting everything out frequently will help them to shrink.  The more dirt and oil that is trapped in your pores, the bigger the pores become.  If you have small pores it will help to keep them that way.  

Using a nose strip is so easy and the entire process only takes 5-10 minutes!  First, cleanse face. Second, wet your nose then peel strip off plastic liner.  It will not adhere to a dry nose.  Apply to nose, press down and smooth to ensure proper contact with skin.  Wait until it is dry and stiff to the touch.  Slowly peel strip off from the edges working your way to the center of the nose on each side.  Now comes the cool/gross part, you can actually see the blackheads on the strip.  I don't think anyone has ever used one of these and just threw it away without looking, let's be real!  There might be a little residue left.  I like to spray toner on a cotton round and wipe thoroughly.  Your pores will be so clear!!  


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