I don't know about you, but after the holiday weekend I need to detox!  I will admit to having more wine than usual and sweets which I usually don't have.  When I do have sugar or more alcohol than usual it can definitely affect my skin.  I have never been one to diet or deprive myself of anything yummy especially around the holidays so I do other things to keep my skin glowing and healthy.  After a good workout, a really amazing green juice and this mask are my go to for detoxing and purifying my skin.  Yes, I said green juice because I truly believe good skin starts from within!  

This mask is pretty much a three in one product which makes it extra amazing.  It is exfoliating with six different types of acid.  This is so beneficial to remove dead skin cells and pull out dirt and oil from your pores.  Charcoal, an ingredient to look for in a mask if you want to purify, detox or remove blackheads is also in this mask.  It is brightening because of the licorice root, which will even out your skin tone.  Last but definitely not least it's soothing and hydrating because of the cucumber, aloe, and chamomile.  I have used this on many different skin types and found that it works great even on sensitive skin.  

My recommendation is to exfoliate first (which I talk about on my skin page in more detail) and then apply mask.  You will get even better results this way!  Once this mask drys, your skin will feel taught and tight which is your indicator it has done it's job.  Wet a wash cloth with hot water and press on face before removing mask.  This makes it much easier to wipe off.  Once you have removed, spray on toner and then apply serums and moisturizer.  Your skin will be glowing- I promise!!!  Just in time for New Year's Eve!