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Hello Friends!  

I originally started this blog as just a beauty blog. In the years since creating this I have really been on a self improvement journey in so many ways. Reading books and educating myself as well as the work I’ve done and experiences I’ve been through have lead me to starting this blog again with some really wonderful changes. I want this to be about more than just external beauty, I want to share my knowledge of skin care, hair care, as well as self improvement and spiritual books, nutrition and fitness tips. Please know that I am always working on myself and constantly growing as a person. I am truly happy now and anything I share here is my opinion and has helped me greatly which is why I want to pass it on to you. In this new chapter of my life my health and happiness are my top priority. I want to be the best version of myself inside and out and hopefully help each of you, wherever you may be on your journey. I have come across so much information throughout my journey with different books, people, jobs, experiences and would love to make it easier for all of you to find information and referrals in one place.

I was in the beauty industry for 17 years.  Being a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist has allowed me to do a variety of wonderful things from working in high end salons and spas to doing hair and makeup for look books and music videos.  I started in a beauty supply store when I was in college never knowing that is where this path would begin.  I really love to know what works and why it works.  Working on so many different skin and hair types has been so beneficial on this journey.  It makes me so happy to help other people figure out which products are best for them.  I was the lead Esthetician for a high end spa in LA which I did not take lightly.  I really learned the value of knowing ingredients and what they do for your skin. That lead to researching ingredients in everything skin and hair care related.  I used to be a product junkie, really having no idea what I should be using and would just buy things because the packaging looked cool, or my friend loved it, you get my drift...  I felt like every time I went shopping for skin or hair care the sales person would just sell me on what they needed to sell that month or the top selling items, never really figuring out what would be good for me.  Now I have a skin care regimen morning and night (No excuses!) using products that work for my skin.  Knowing what ingredients do for hair and skin and trying them on myself and others has vastly improved my excitement and knowledge.  I think there are really great expensive and inexpensive products out there and I want to help you find them!  I want you to get the most out of each and every product achieving the best results possible.  

Studying ingredients for skin care and working with a personal trainer kickstarted a need for information about nutrition for me. Food is fuel for your body and can affect your skin, hair and even your mood. For this reason I feel like it is important to share in all of these areas. I started to realize everything is connected, mind- body- spirit. My journey started with hair and skin care and then fitness followed shortly after. My inner peace and happiness, the spiritual stuff showed up once I was more aligned with myself and who I wanted to be. Everyones journey is different and everyone will start in a different place. My hope is for you to pull and soak up the information I share in the areas you need at this time in your life. I am constantly growing and evolving and have such a passion to help other people do the same!

I hope you all love it and even if I help one person it was worth it!  xx